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The symposium on Trends in Functional Programming (TFP) is an international forum for researchers with interests in all aspects of functional programming, taking a broad view of current and future trends in the area. It aspires to be a lively environment for presenting the latest research results, and other contributions. See the call for papers for more details.

This year, TFP is moving to a winter date, to provide an opportunity for researchers in the FP community to meet and interact in between the annual ICFP events.

TFP offers a friendly and constructive reviewing process designed to help less experienced authors succeed, with an opportunity for two rounds of review, both before and after the symposium itself. Authors thus have an opportunity to address reviewers’ concerns before the final decision on publication in the Proceedings is taken, in the light of previous reviews and discussions at the symposium.

TFP offers two “best paper” awards, the John McCarthy award for best paper, and the David Turner award for best student paper.


This year we are particularly excited to co-locate with Lambda Days in beautiful Krakow. Lambda Days is a vibrant developer conference with hundreds of attendees and a lively programme of talks on functional programming in practice. TFP will be held in the same venue, and participants will be able to session-hop between Lambda Days and TFP, and meet developers excited about functional programming in industry.


Important Dates

Submission deadline for pre-symposium review Wednesday 1st December, 2021
Submission deadline for draft papers Wednesday 12th January, 2022
Notification for pre-symposium submissions Friday 21st January, 2022
Notification for draft submissions Friday 21st January, 2022
Symposium dates Thursday 10th - Friday 11th February, 2022
Submission deadline for post-symposium reviewing Wednesday 16th March, 2022
Notification for post-symposium submissions Friday 13rd May, 2022

Program Commitee

Program Co-chairs

The remainder of the PC will be announced on the conference website.

Call for Papers

The call for papers is here.